Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptions

NS Corp is the professionally operated innovative process outsourcing company operating since 1999. Our 15-year business experience with domestic as well as international clients enables us to swiftly understand their requirements. Since our inception, we have qualitatively transcribed over 1 million audio/video hours.

NS Corp is committed to play an eminent role in achieving your real business goals that enables you to swiftly transform your business developments by just not limiting to the maintenance of your regular operations. Our on-time qualitative services, competitive pricing, efficient and prompt responsiveness in process outsourcing, and business solutions enables the growth and development of our clients.

NS Corp duly understand and accept its corporate responsibility, and we welcome you to be the integral part of our business family.

More than 750 employees and associates have built their medical transcription careers through NS Corp. Currently we have the capacity to 2 Millions of lines per day.

Our medical transcriptionists, on average, have over 7 years’ experience in medical transcription. Our training programs are rigorous and demand complete dedication on the part of the transcriptionist. Project managers integrate on-job staff training with daily audits of all client works and provide consistent feedback to the transcriptionists.

Our project managers, quality assurance, and quality control staff are all seasoned veterans possessing an average of 15 years in the medical transcription industry, and can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality work.

Our Culture

The NS CORP brand is founded on the integration of three concepts-People, Knowledge, Environment: The rich experience of our people; the boundless knowledge that flows within our organization and between our clients; and the environment that gives context and meaning both to our people and to our clients.

By using various technological and managerial tools, we have made NSI a well-known world class brand.

Our Team

The most valuable asset NS CORP has to offer to you is our highly qualified core team. We develop our business expertise with the combination of experienced, well-trained, responsible, and dedicated staff. A team of over 50 highly qualified and experienced transcribers endeavors all the time to maintain the highest quality standards.

Our Honourable Client